" I was approached by a client with a commission for a dress that would wrap up into a ball and upon arrival to the event it could be taken out and in seconds they would be fit for a ball! .........."


The Belts are made from soft brown lambs skin leather pipped with reversible silk embroidered motives. Eros is embellished by this simple belt centering around one's waist. Each Eros dress comes with a belt that Rowena has personally picked out to highlight the beautiful hand pleated silk fabric.

A Note from Eros!

'What a pleasure to be in your hands, my name is Eros and I am named after the god of love.

I am made of seven and a half yards of silk, hand pleated through a very special process, then adorned with semi-precious stones.

When you put me on, you'll immediately feel a sense of pure femininity, and be irresistible to all mankind.

I will grow with you through eternity and never leave your size!

I can be worn long sleeve, short sleeve , round neck, V-neck, loose or belted.

I am an extremely good travelling companion as I wrap into a little hat box for storage and need no pressing on arrival

I shall also become your most loyal companion in your wardrobe and will never let you down, no matter where we go together.

If we have been dancing night after night, please send me back to my maker to be refreshed and re-pleated.

I will then be sent back to you ready to dance the night away again, and join you once again for all of our adventures "

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