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Pattern Making

Detailing & Patterning: Our services begin by the passing of sketches. Working though details with you the designer to transform those sketches to actual hand made patterns.

First Patterns & Muslins:  We provide you with a muslin or a prototype so you can make changes to the style lines. We refer to this as the first version of your garment so you no longer need to visualize your sketch. The pattern is made to fit with measurements provided. We also measure your fit model for the most accurate fit.

Sample Development

Sample Development: After fitting the muslin and making any necessary corrections we begin the process of making a sample.

With the technical experience of handling diverse fabrics and the knowledge of how fabrications may react we can confidently provide you with the a perfectly fitted sample.

Our skilled team of cutters, seamstresses, pressers, and finishers all take a part in making your garments look their best. Each step of the development process is handled with utmost care.

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